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Things to Keeping Your A/C Cool

Uncategorized June 1, 2018

Regular Maintenance of your Air Conditioner unit will keeping it cool and saves a lots of money by saving energy and also extended the lifespan of unit.AC needs regular attention to make sure it’s operating at the highest efficiency.

Air Condition Unit Servicing

Air condition units consists of interior unit having evaporator and blower and an exterior unit consists of condenser coil and compressor.

Following are the steps for maintenance ac in regular interval.

  • Before doing any maintenance work, make sure the Air Condition Unit is Shut off and isolated from power.
  • Remove the debris from outdoor unit, unscrew the fan cage from the outdoor unit and remove any debris inside the unit and clean the fan leaves.
  • Clean the Fins using water spray or fins clean spray and remove the dirt.
  • Ensure proper airflow for the outdoor unit by keeping the around area of outdoor unit  clean and remove obstacles.
  • At the indoor unit, Clean the evaporator drain and make sure it is not clogged.
  • Change or Clean the Air Filter. In every two years you need to change the air filter.

Making a annual maintenance contract with some qualified technical company will be better option for checking and keeping your AC in good working condition.

For Air Condition Unit Servicing and Installation Contact :

Extreme Plus Technical Services LLC

Dubai- U.A.E ( info@xtremeuae.com)


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